Without a physical security assessment, or an updated physical security plan, you can never really know if the facilities and systems which support your business processes are safe.

If you are unsure about your state of security and have not completed a physical security assessment to protect your assets from threats, accidents and natural disasters, contact us immediately.



Know Your Level of Risk


A basic security plan often consists of methods and measures of deterring attackers and intruders through the use of physical barriers, low cost devices, and signs. However, the short coming of such a plan is that you never know you true level of security risk. A physical security plan and a physical security assessment shows you both your residual risk, threat events that can occur from existing vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of those threats doing damage to your assets and organization. The results of a physical security assessment allows you to develop a level of response that reduces the impact of threat events. 

A Physical Security Plan to Secure Your Valuable Assets


So what is a security plan? It defines the state of security in an organization by examining its facilities, equipment, resources, the controls and level of protection required to support business continuity. A Physical Security Plan requires frequent revisions since the state of security does never remains the same over time. A measure of how well a Security Plan is supporting the security state of an organization can be achieved through a physical security assessment.

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