Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. modernizes, designs and builds secure enterprise-level Information Technology systems.
Nu-Pulse began as an Information Technology services firm in 1998. Enterprise IT services continues to be the baseline of our services offering to our clients. Our staff are certified and highly experienced in the areas of secure software development, information engineering, and network design and integration. From the conceptual to the design stages, our development practices encompass safety controls which ensure that we are minimizing risk when our applications reach the production platform.
We provide clients with assistance in the use of their Information Systems for planning, business re-engineering and securely distributing data in support of their business processes.
The need for better security strategies is becoming more important in today’s cyber threat environment. Vulnerabilities from ubiquitous Computing devices are everywhere particularly Wireless. The sophistication of cyber attacks are growing every day. Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. offers Managed Security Services that keep your assets protected. From a single platform, we achieve enterprise-wide threat visibility across enterprise environments through Unified Security, Threat Detection, and Incident Response. In a matter of minutes after an initial deployment, we can perform automatic asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral network monitoring, SIEM and Log management. Our threat analysis is updated every 30 minutes with the latest research. Lab teams analyze millions of pieces of data to stay on top of the latest attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits. With up-to-the-minute guidance on emerging threats and context-specific remediation advice, we can accelerate and simplify threat detection and remediation.
Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. conducts cyber security assessments and compliance projects for government, Not for Profit and corporate clients using all major cyber security frameworks: (eg. NIST, FISMA, COBIT, ISO27001, MARS-e 2.0 etc.)

Nu-Pulse conducts information security assessments to help our clients to assess the state of their organization's information security.  These assessments consist of a systematic and thorough comparison of the organization’s implementation of various Management (policies), Operational (procedures) and Technical (devices) “controls” with standard assessment frameworks. The results of this assessment are documented in a Security Assessment Report which outlines the gaps between the actual implementation of controls when compared with a theoretical ideal.  These gaps are documented and allow the organization to prioritize which controls should be addressed immediately, eventually or never.


The value of an assessment—even one that reveals a relatively low state of information security—is that it demonstrates that senior management is appropriately and sufficiently engaged with the security of the information system.  This has three important benefits.


First, the more controls that are successfully and appropriately implemented, the more difficult it becomes for intruders to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of your data, the less likely it will be that you will have to bear the brunt of such consequences.    


Secondly, as CEO you are a fiduciary to your board of directors, ERISA employees, customers and partners.  To the extent that you have exercised due care over information system assets, you will be shielded from personal civil and criminal responsibility.


Finally, in the event you are sued in your personal capacity, your efforts to exercise due care will increase the probability that your errors and omissions policy will stand in your shoes and pay the claim.

Many corporations and organizations do not have the IT budget to retain a large enough IT staff to manage their branch offices. Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. uses remote management to manage Local Area Networks or enterprise Wide Area Networks. This permits you to reduce costs and still maintain a highly reliable network.
Having a certification is quite an achievement, however, at Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. we emphasize and provide hands on training in addition to class room training.
Nu-Pulse technicians and engineers are trained and certified in the latest technologies used in access control, intrusion detection, life safety and intrusion prevention systems.  Our 21 years of building communications networks, integrating systems and migrating data from different types of databases, adds significant value to our clients.
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